pic_client14Who is Eligible?

  • Anyone who is either 60+ years old or whose age is 18 to 59 and has one or more disabilities
  • Is unable to provide balanced meals for themselves
  • Needs the service

What is the Cost?

  • Private Contributions – Approximately 10% of the more than 1,100 people enrolled are financially secure and make a contribution for the service. Many contribute $3.50 to $4.50 per meal. The amount requested is based on what each person feels they can afford.
  • Free meals as a Texas Department on Aging and Disability (DADS) client (Title XX or Title XIX).
  • Title XX Clients whose meals are partially funded by DADS under Title XX must:
    (1) Be 60 years old or older or be age 18 through age 59 and have a disability
    (2) Meet both monthly income and resource guidelines
    (3) Score at least 20 points on a Needs Assessment
  • DADS criteria for Title XIX is the same criteria used for admission to a nursing home. The purpose of Title XIX funding is to provide a range of services in the home for those who do not want to enter a nursing home, if the home services can be provided for less than nursing home care would cost.

Community Support:

  • Local contributions provide the needed matching funds for both Title XX and Tiltle XIX.
For more information about our services or for volunteer opportunities, please contact us online or (325) 672-5050.