Pantry List

Pantry Items Needed 
Canned Meat
  Canned Fruit
  Canned Soup
Chicken   Mixed Fruit   Chicken Noodle
Salmon   Pears   Chicken & Rice
Spam   Pineapples   Cream Of Chicken
Beef Stew       Cream Of Mushroom
Tuna       Vegetable Beef

Canned Beans
Canned Vegetables
Canned Tomato Items 
Ranch Style Beans   Corn   Diced Tomatoes
Pork -N- Beans   Green beans   Spaghetti Sauce
    Hominy   Tomato Sauce
    Mixed Vegetables   Raviolis/Spaghettios 
    Canned Potatoes    
    Sweet Potatoes    
Breads/Grains   Misc. Items   Hyginene Items
Biscuit Mix   Canned Chili   Shampoo 
Crackers Salted & Unsalted   Mac & Cheese   Toothpaste
Cornbread Mix   Cooking Oil   Bath Soap
Hamburger Helper/Tuna Helper   Jelly- Grape/Strawberry   Toothbrush
    Sloppy Joe Mix   Dish Soap
    Sweet -N- Low   Deodorant Men/Woman
    Cake Mix/Frosting   Laundry Soap
    Juices; Apple, Grape, Orange   Toilet Paper
    Tea Bags    
    Peanut Butter