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IRA Charitable Rollovers

For people age 70½ or older, the Charitable IRA Rollover is a tax-wise way to give to Meals on Wheels Plus, Inc.

Going Beyond For Generations To Come

A Better Life For Seniors and People With Disabilities

Meals on Wheels Plus, Inc. has been providing home-delivered meals since 1975. A noon meal is delivered to homes of seniors or adults with disabilities who are unable to provide balanced meals for themselves.

Meals On Wheels Plus also:

  • Serves as a daily contact with people who may not see anyone else all day.
  • Arranges emergency medical care when needed.
  • “Pet Food on Wheels Plus” provides pet food, as well as routine veterinary visits for a limited number of pets.
  • “Groceries on Wheels,” delivers shelf-stable food to some of the most needy clients.
  • Provides electric fans, space heaters, and microwaves as needed.
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