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Serving over 1,425 seniors and adults with disabilities in the Abilene area, Jones, and Runnels County.

“The mission of Meals on Wheels Plus is to enhance the quality of life for seniors and other eligible adults by providing nutritionally balanced meals and supportive services.” The meals are delivered to the homes by approximately 700 trained volunteers. Meals on Wheels serves people who live in Abilene, Ballinger, Eula, Hamby, Hamlin, Hawley, Hodges, Ovalo, Potosi, Rowena, and Winters.

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Over the last twelve years, Subaru and its retailers have helped the Meals on Wheels network deliver 2.3 MILLION MEALS to homebound seniors across the country. You can help that number grow when you purchase or lease a new Subaru during the 2020 SUBARU SHARE THE LOVE Event, Nov. 19, 2020 through January 4, 2021. During this year-end sales event, Subaru of America will donate $250 to your selected charity, and we hope you'll choose Meals on Wheels.


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We need drivers!

Join us to deliver hot, nutritious, noon meals, wellness checks and friendship to seniors and young adults with disabilities with our Meals on Wheels program.

You can join us for a daily, weekly or monthly route, or choose to be a substitute volunteer as needed. We have many, volunteer opportunities open in Abilene or on site at Meals on Wheels Plus, 717 N. 10th St. Abilene, Texas 79601

Meal Delivery Drivers
Pet food Delivery Drivers
Kitchen Volunteers (to prep meals)

Just one hour, one day a week is all it takes to deliver.

It’s SUPER EASY and training is provided.

Call our Volunteer Coordination at 325-672-5050 or email

MeMe 6-12-13


For such a small commitment, you’re making an incredible impact by delivering a meal and a smile to someone in need.  Our clients not only rely on the food, but the visit also feeds their soul and means so much to them

Driver openings are available Monday through Friday, and Meals on Wheels will work with prospective volunteers to find compatible routes that work with their schedule, availability, and location.

How Seniors Can Face Common Stressors

We all experience some level of stress and anxiety in our day-to-day lives. This is a common problem for older adults. Worries about both the present and the future often plague seniors. However, you can enjoy your golden years in peace by facing your anxieties head-on and developing solutions

Safety In the Home

As we get older, our bodies often stop working at their best. Joint issues, arthritis, and other problems tend to crop up in people at some point. Many seniors worry about how they will stay safe in their home when mobility becomes an issue. One option is to consider renovating your space to make it more easily accessible. For example, you can consider a bathroom renovation, which usually costs between $5,315 and $10,954 in Abilene.

Costs of Getting Help

You can also consider looking into moving into an assisted living facility. However, not all forms of insurance cover the costs. Medicare and Medicaid cover some skilled nursing facility care, but only under specific circumstances. Other coverage varies widely based on your insurance plan. Other financing options include dipping into savings, selling investments or property, and investing in long-term care insurance.

Staying Social

As we get older, it often gets harder to stay social. This happens for many reasons. Go the extra mile to make sure you’re getting the interaction you need. There are several great ways for older people to make new friends and build relationships. For example, taking a class at a local art center or joining a group fitness class at your gym. These are great options because they have a regular schedule and are centered around an activity, which often makes meeting new people less awkward.

Mental Health Concerns

Finally, many seniors fear they may develop depression or other mood disorders with age. Moreover, the possibility of memory loss looms steadily over the minds of many. The best thing you can do for your mental sharpness as you get older is to continue learning new things and to do brain exercises, like work word puzzles.

Aging can be stressful, but avoid the urge to ignore or shy away from the things that cause you distress. By tackling the issues head-on, you can come up with a plan and make them substantially less scary. Remember: There’s nothing scarier than the unknown.

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